Hypnosis – The Answer to Anxiety

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Mental health has become the focal point of modern life. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health issue in any one year (source - The most common of these will be an anxiety disorder. Since Covid-19 interrupted our normal daily lives and routines, people suffering with anxiety has literally mushroomed. However, help is at hand in the form of hypnotherapy.

Anxiety Isn’t Serious

Only someone who has never experienced a panic attack, or any form of anxiety disorder would say that. Anxiety can have far-reaching consequences for your life. Not only can it stop you living a normal life; it can also lead to depression and other health issues too. Many people suffer in silence with some form of anxiety, but the truth is hypnosis for anxiety can really help you put it behind you for ever.

Everyone Feels Anxious Sometimes

That is true, everyone can feel anxious about being late, or feeling under pressure, but this is generally short-lived and in response to certain stimuli. The body’s “fight or flight” mechanism allows the body to release a surge of adrenaline when needed, however, anxiety disorders can take over every aspect of life and cause the body to be in a heightened state of emergency for much of the time, and this can lead to developing other medical conditions. Anxiety can manifest as panic attacks, social inadequacy or even phobias. As anxiety can develop at any time, sometimes its unpredictability can lead to panic attacks in situations that are unexpected.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

There are many different causes of anxiety from external factors such as stress or trauma to genetic predisposition. Her is a list of just some of the more common symptoms of anxiety:

  • Feeling uptight all of the time.

  • Knot in your stomach when thinking about something specific.

  • Worrying about events, people, the future, etc.

  • Creating large situations out or tiny incidents.

  • Unable to focus or concentrate due to intruding thoughts of worry.

  • Suddenly unable to breathe properly.

  • Being unable to leave the house.

  • Feeling unable to socialize without worry.

  • Sudden thoughts.

  • Poor sleep pattern.

  • Uncontrolled feelings of dread.

Very often if these (and more) feelings are not dealt with, they can develop into depression, which is harder to treat.


Before trying hypnosis for anxiety many people try to help themselves with relaxation techniques or meditation. Some will even ask their GP for medication. However, in order to permanently remove anxiety, it is essential to get to the core reason for it.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

Hypnosis is an effective tool for many issues that affect the body, including anxiety. We are all guided by our subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind always has our best interests at its core. However, the subconscious mind is not able to distinguish when an issue has passed, and it can continue to guide us to exhibit the same behaviour even though the trigger event has long since gone. Hypnosis allows a person to relax so the hypnotherapist can speak directly with the subconscious mind and re-educate it. Hypnosis is so effective because it exposes the cause of an issue and once that has been exposed the mind can re-frame its perception of it, eradicating it completely. Hypnosis is an enormously empowering tool and its only side effects are positive, empowering lives.

It’s Time For Change

If you have been suffering with anxiety, let FreshStart hypnotherapy lead you to a more peaceful life.

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