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Overcome Your Phobias and Fears with Hypnotherapy

By definition, a phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by an excessive and very irrational fear of something - be it a simple object, a situation or a social setting. Many people have fears and phobias, such as of spiders and of heights. Most of us who have phobias can overcome those fears without trouble and such fears have no major effect in their daily lives. However, for others, their phobia is an aspect in their life they can't learn to live with and have a major grip on their lives. They are those who avoid social situations - they don't go out at all or they will pass up on trips abroad because of the fear of flying. Their lives become delimited to the point that it keeps them from enjoying a carefree life.

Today, there is one proven effective therapy that can cure phobias and fears: Hypnoanalysis. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy goes beyond just removing the phobia; it digs deeper and resolves the underlying cause of these irrational fears. Once these fears are resolved by hypnotherapy, a phobic person can once again gain the carefree life that is less anxious so they can have more control over the rest of their daily lives.


Different types of phobias

There are a wide range of phobias known today:

  • Simple phobias - characterized by fear of one single stimulus - e.g. heights, frogs, enclosed places, etc.

  • Complex phobias - fear of a number of related stimuli - e.g. fear of flying due to the fear of crashing, being enclosed, losing self-control, etc.

  • Social phobias - the fear of what might happen when in the company of others - fear of trembling, blushing, forgetting what to say, urinating, etc.


Causes of Phobia and How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Phobias are expressions of unconscious emotional issues that might have bottled up since childhood. Although unconscious, these emotions can have a significant impact when left untreated - and this bent-up emotion comes out in the form of anxiety and fear. A phobic person tends to also have serious anxiety issues.

Phobias are almost impossible to fix intellectually because it is primarily a problem of the unconscious. It will be virtually impossible to "just get over it" because phobias are beyond one's conscious control. To cure it permanently, you will have to resolve its original cause from its very root, something that is hidden behind the walls of your subconscious.

Hypnoanalysis is the most effective method for releasing these bottled-up, unconscious emotions in a subtle manner. With only 4 to 6 sessions needed, using the process of free association, we can help you link your thoughts and memories back in time to lead you back to that piece of memory which caused the fear to form. Once the emotional issues are resolved, the impact of that memory will disappear forever. Although the process sounds simple, it take a lot of work, experience and expertise to bring out the emotions - something that only authorized hypnotherapists have and can provide.


Why Traditional Hypnotherapy and Other Therapies Fall Short

Traditional suggestion hypnotherapy, along with other therapies is not as effective as Hypnoanalysis mainly because none of them can access the root of the problem. They only deal with the symptoms, which will make you feel better - but only initially.

Use of hypnosis, for example, will only make you less anxious when you come across a spider, but the fear and discomfort does not really go away. It may seem to lessen the fear, but there is no guarantee that it will not return - remember, the bottled-up emotions in your unconscious have not been properly addressed.

For a permanent solution to phobias and fears, only Hypnotherapy works best.

Hypnosis Isn’t Magic, But the Results Could Surely Be Magical!


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  • Learn Self-hypnosis techniques so you can learn to create your own success.


  • Discover this is not a cookie cutter approach. All sessions are different and the focus is on you and your goals.


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