Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

With all the buzz around hypnosis and hypnotherapy and about how they can effectively treat a wide range of emotional problems, one thing remains in the minds of interested people: can hypnosis really help me? Before we talk about how hypnosis can help, let us first explore what hypnosis is all about. Put simply, hypnosis is a natural state of the mind where it is clear, alert and particularly focused on one specific task. A hypnotic state is something we experience from time to time, even outside the premises of a therapy clinic. Getting absorbed on a TV show or driving to work on "auto pilot" mode are examples of typical hypnotic states. It is a deeply relaxed state of consciousness where your conscious mind is temporarily put aside so that your mind can focus on a desired change you create subconsciously in your mind.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be very helpful to you in more ways than one. Whether you would like to change a few aspects in your life - like wishing to have better memory in remembering people's names, or would like to completely change your life - hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you. In fact, many people have used hypnosis to change their habits, such as quitting smoking, and forming new ones. When it comes to hypnotherapy there is only one thing to remember: anything that the mind believes in can be achieved. Although there may be a few limits to what you can get with hypnotherapy, you can achieve the power to change your life through many different aspects. Here are some of them:

  • Properly relax and manage stress

  • Improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence

  • Improve your relationships

  • Improve your memory

  • Become a better public speaker

  • Pass exams more easily with flying colors

  • Enjoy more and better quality of sleep

  • Become a non-smoker

  • Become healthier, slimmer and fitter

  • Reduce weight

  • Learn faster and more effectively

  • Promote rapid recovery and healing

  • Get rid of skin disorders

  • Overcome phobias

  • Control, manage or reduce pain without drugs or morphine

  • Enjoy pregnancy and experience natural childbirth

  • Enjoy flying

  • Prevent nail biting

  • And a lot more

Research has even found that hypnosis can help you look younger by reprogramming your cells and instructing them to find for you a healthy blueprint to develop - the amazing details of which are still being developed. Just about anyone who has had hypnotherapy will attest of how it is effective in treating all kinds of emotional issues. Especially with hypnoanalysis - a special kind of hypnotherapy - this method is designed to get to the bottom of the source of emotional and psychological problems. There are a few ways by which you can induce and experience hypnosis. Seeing a specialist who have the expertise and experience in hypnotherapy is still the best way to jump-start your hypnosis regimen. Your therapist can effectively guide you towards your goal in your therapy sessions. They can also help you uncover innermost issues that lie deep in your subconscious in order to permanently fix your problem at a deeper, more comprehensive level. Aside from specialists, self-hypnosis through CDs and MP3 downloads are also available now, through which you can practice hypnosis and go for a better well-being right at the comfort of your home. The success of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in achieving your goals will depend on you. Your comfort, willingness and belief in the method, as well as your cooperation are important factors, without which you will be in for a disappointing result. If you want to change your life and your entire being for the better, make sure you fully understand everything about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. After all, it is an informed decision that can ultimately change your life.

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